Patient Testimonials

Aggressive Prostate Cancer:

APN for Emotional Trauma:

Baby with Full Body Rash and Chronic Spitting Up:

Brain Tumor Chemo Recovery:

Chronic Pain for 4 Years:

Colon Cancer - Letting Go of the Fear and Appreciating the Moment:

Edema after Breast Cancer Surgery:

Energy Improving Hip and Shoulder Pain Improving - Ozone IV:

Feel Tissue Repairing with Stem Cell Therapy:

Feeling Old No More:

Food Sensitivities and Years of Gut Issues – TBM:

Got off Prozac with Neurofeedback:

Hocatt - More Energy Sense of Wellbeing Sunnier Mood Rash:

Hot Flashes – TBM:

Knee Joint Regeneration - Stem Cell Therapy:

Meyers Cocktail IV for IBS:

Mitochondrial Myopathy - Extreme Fatigue:

Nausea Body Ache and Fatigue:

Neuropathy and Severe Pain - Piggyback Ride to 16 Year Old:

No more prilosec Losing Weight:

Nutritional Brain Tumor Chemo Recovery:

Pancreatic Cancer - Now Can Play with Grandchildren:

Prolozone Restores Function in Arthritic Knees:

Severe Knee Pain and on Crutches - Flower Essence Therapy:

Severe Pain and Exhaustion - Ozone IV:

Severe Shingles Cleared Up:

Stem Cell Therapy for Sore Joints and Inflammation:

Surviving Colon Cancer and What Cancer Taught Her:

Thought Had Pancreatic Cancer:

Weight Loss with hCG: